Hi, I'm Ashley, the owner of Bangle & Babe. I live in South Texas with my husband and our daughter, the resident Bangle & Babe model. I'm a serial over-sharer, eternal optimist and notoriously bad speller. Most of my days are spent wrangling a semi-feral toddler and running Bangle & Babe. When I'm not working on Bangle & Babe I love to spend time outdoors and hitting up my favorite thrifting spots (I love a good treasure hunt). 

I've been so lucky to have several friends who have given me advice and support on this journey and I'm eternally grateful to them. Bangle & Babe is my creation, I'm the voice behind our social media and I'm the person you speak with when you contact Bangle & Babe. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or inquiries, I'm happy to answer any questions you have. I use the Bangle & Babe Bracelet Key Ring daily, I truly love it and find it so useful and I think you will too.