A Tik-Tok Treat from Bangle & Babe! - Bangle & Babe Bracelet Key Ring

A Tik-Tok Treat from Bangle & Babe!

The intrepid Bangle & Babe interns have been having an absolute blast on Tik-Tok! If you don’t already follow us, you should really go check it out. Katie and Lauren have been creating such fun content and cultivating a vibrant community centered around Bangle & Babe! They share their days in our Corpus Christi headquarters, packing orders and chatting with our wonderful customers...and making fun, silly Tik-Tok videos that will have you cracking up! Come give us a follow and the girls might even make a video of them packing your next order!

For Valentine’s Day this year, the girls wanted to make something special, and they knocked it out of the park with this stop-motion video featuring an origami paper heart & the Bamboo Inspired Bangle & Babe Bracelet Keyring in Dusty Rose

don’t forget to get a bangle for your favorite babe for ##Valentine’s Day 🥰

♬ ily (i love you baby) - Surf Mesa
 This excellent tutorial helped them to create the origami heart, and now no piece of paper in our studio is safe! We love this cute and unconventional way to wrap a Bangle & Babe Bracelet Keyring for gifting -- perfect for any occasion!

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