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Valentine's Day - Activities and Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and you have so much love to give! Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with your forever babe, your bestie babe or your littlest babe, we have you covered. Celebrating with a Significant Other: The romance aspect of Valentine’s Day can be the best part! No one knows your S.O. like you, so you get the chance to show your love in meaningful ways with activities and gifts made just for them. Make them feel as loved as a 90’s R&B song with a Valentine's Day date: Take a cooking class – anyone can buy you dinner, but can they also make it? Taking a cooking class as a couple is a fun way to...

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Our Story

I created the Bangle & Babe Key Ring after trying to find a vintage key ring like I remembered so many fashionable ladies had when I was growing up. You know the one, large circle covered in metal mesh. They had heart shapes, too. I remember thinking those were particularly fancy. I was tired of standing in parking lots searching through my bag for my keys while juggling my baby and all that she required. I needed something I could easily slip on my wrist or in a pocket and have easy and quick access to. But, I didn't want metal mesh. My daughter inevitably ended up with my keys anytime we were out and that just wasn't going to...

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