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The Key To Our Heart -- Bangle & Babe Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is upon us and we’ve never needed a celebration of LOVE more! This past year has been so challenging for so many, and we are firm believers in grabbing any moment of celebration and joy that we can! So throw on some red and pink, hand out old-school Valentines, and blow a socially-distanced kiss to the ones you love!

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About Bangle & Babe: Our Story

I created the Bangle & Babe Bracelet Key Ring after trying to find a vintage key ring like I remembered so many fashionable ladies had when I was growing up. You know the one, large circle covered in metal mesh. They had heart shapes, too. I remember thinking those were particularly fancy. I was tired of standing in parking lots searching through my bag for my keys while juggling my baby and all that she required. I needed something I could easily slip on my wrist or in a pocket and have easy and quick access to. But, I didn't want metal mesh. My daughter inevitably ended up with my keys anytime we were out and that just wasn't going...

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